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Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals 9 Explained

Adding certifications to your resume is an important step in your career. Even if after your college studies you didn’t continue with a master's degree, having diplomas, certifications, courses, and new knowledge is of great value for continuous improvement and growth in any work environment.

Last February, I was fortunate to be certified in Sitecore's Context Marketing Fundamentals 9, a certification for Content Creators, Marketers and Digital Strategists that guides you module by module to know the platform in-depth and thus, take advantage of it in any project you are about to develop.


An important feature of the course is its focus on learning to deliver personalized user experiences. In fact, complete processes are implemented to track customer actions, store their information, and examine it to generate business results based on those actions. All this information is processed by a Machine Learning software, which will make the process of personalization much easier with the intention of creating digital objectives that will later guide us to achieve the strategic goals of the business.


Among the topics covered in the course is the one called ‘Deliver and Enriched 360 View of the User Experience’. Here we will learn how Sitecore collects, organizes, and stores all the visitor information we mentioned earlier. Why is this important? Because with this information we can specify the types of tests we need to create for this customization to track visitor’s information and give them the most compatible content.


In topic 3 of the Sitecore course, we learned how to do campaigns; these campaigns will help capture valuable information to be used later in the Path Analyzer and Path Analyzer Map. By knowing this information, we will know if the user has followed our target map, which leads to the next topic: ‘The Implementation of Automated Targeted Marketing’. By using Sitecore Marketing's features and measurable user action campaigns, we can implement Automated Targeted Marketing. Different forms can be used to deliver the right content to the right users, and with this feature, we will gain insight into the overall effectiveness of automated marketing.


To sum up, all the diverse topics that are covered through this course have the common objective of getting to know the users that interact with our website. Knowing them and being able to provide them with information in a specific way is a fundamental tool to generate objectives that provide us with greater benefit in any of the company's environments. This tells us which is the path our client is following, what is what they find most striking, what they pay more attention to, and where they generate a lead for our company. Thus, as Marketing Specialists, we can define a better objective, carry out a better strategy to achieve a greater scope, know where to place our buttons, text, and graphics, create hot maps, engage the customers and keep them.


Something that I personally find very interesting is the use of Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging. This tool offers an easy and accurate way to tag people, places, products, and even companies that are mentioned in the content we create. This increases the value, accessibility, and interoperability of what we are presenting. This way, we can automate the task of content tagging for internal and external searches and provide better SEO rankings and results to speed up the search for our site.


By using Sitecore’s Machine Learning, we can provide tailor-made suggestions to customers. We can also track visitor engagement and customization effectiveness based on it. 


Simply put, Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals 9 is a course that will help us map a user's behavior, based on our marketing goals. It's a tool so large and so personalized that whatever our goal is, we can map it out from the beginning by reading visitors' actions to give them a better experience every time they return to our site. As a Sitecore apprentice, I can't wait to use the knowledge gained and create great marketing campaigns to enhance the Inflection Point Systems website.

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