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How to accomplish effective time management

Nowadays it may seem that there are never enough hours in our day. With a lot of activities going on in our life, shockingly 24 hours don't seem enough to get to do them. 

The struggle is real; trying to balance work, relationships, family, working out,  trying to keep a social life and eating healthy. It feels impossible to keep up with our daily routine and still have time to rest and recover.

Believe it or not, learning to manage your time may help with these issues and improve your productivity. If you want to learn more about this, stick to this article to find out more. 


What exactly is time management? Well, it refers to the ability to plan and control how much time we spend on our various activities during the day. Have you paid attention to those small-time lapses when we get distracted and reach for our phone and suddenly, without knowing 30 minutes have passed? With a proper time management strategy this can be prevented! 


Managing our time is key to accomplish our daily tasks and be productive. Has it happened to you that by the end of the week you are overfilled with pending tasks you were supposed to get done but you just left them to the very end? Procrastinating during work is very common when we don’t get hold of our time. 


Knowing where our time goes is important because we tend to overfill our day with activities, spend our days in a rush and just end up achieving less. This usually leads to the risk of delivering bad work quality and being stuck re-doing it all over again.


If you get hold of your schedule and actually plan ahead, your routine will be benefited, therefore your productivity! 


Some key benefits of time management include punctuality, efficiency, and less procrastination. With correct time management, we can provide a better quality of work and more opportunities and career growth! We can enjoy more time for leisure and recreation when we are on schedule.


If you want to improve the way you use your time, here are some strategies and tips you may follow. 

  1. Consider setting goals correctly. You must do this according to what you want to achieve. This will help you to measure your progress and have clear visibility of where you are heading. 

  2. Be sure to prioritize; arrange your activities in order of importance. 

  3. Set a time limit to complete a task. This is effective because if you set a period of time to deliver, you will work towards it. 

  4. Be aware of your activities and take a small break between tasks. This way you will keep your head cleared and relaxed in order to keep working. 

  5. Remember to organize yourself. If keeping important notes at hand helps with this, go ahead and have them close to you for reference. 

  6. Remove unimportant tasks and activities from your way. This will help you focus and stick to your prioritized list. 

  7. It’s always good to plan ahead. You may do so the night before or first thing in the morning as you get up. Knowing what your day will look like is fundamental. This will give you direction and pathway to reach your goal for the day. 


Even though it may seem hard to accomplish, once you get into the habit of managing your activities, it will all become easier. Think of it as building for yourself a healthier and more dedicated work environment as well as an opportunity to reduce stress. Remember: work smarter, not harder.

Cristina R.

Major in International Business working as a Talent Acquisition Analyst. Passionate bookworm, coffee lover and meditation enthusiast. She likes teamwork and innovation.