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How the FREE Google Analytics Certification helped me improve my career as a Social Media Manager.

When I started my career as a Graphic Designer and Animator I never imagined that I would end up being interested in the world of Marketing and Social Media. Although in the digital era both branches go hand in hand, -especially if you study the Graphic Design degree in the most prestigious Universities in the country-, until a few years ago it was complicated to find a curriculum that combined both, and that was my case. 

I finished my degree with a great desire to undertake in the field of Editorial Design and photography and luckily, my first formal job was in a company that had an editorial turn. My work as a Graphic Designer came to fruition and I quickly went from being an intern to a full-time member, climbing the ranks as far as possible. I learned a lot about printing issues, such as dealing with clients, making business documentation, layout, and a lot of tricks in Adobe's editing programs. After three years of working on the same thing, I decided it was time to evolve into something new and moved into the Digital Marketing department within the same company. There I started to work as a Community Manager making use of my design skills. Nevertheless, the field of social networks was totally different and new to me.


I had never used Facebook for business, nor Instagram as a creator account, but little by little and with the experience that online tutorials gave me, I was trained in the world of networks. I worked with different accounts and clients, and went from being a Community Manager to a Social Media Manager in just one year, managing up to 8 accounts at a time. It's a challenge to work for different brands in different industries because you have to understand that each client who comes to your pages is different and therefore needs something different. I decided to grow and with that in mind, I had a change of job. That was when I found Inflection Point was looking for a Social Media Manager.


One of the most important points when I changed course in my career, was to adapt to this incredible software company. I started to do a little more research about the issues regarding the industry, to have different goals in terms of my results as a content specialist and to decipher the target audience the company is aimed at. In the same way, I began to notice how the efforts of my area are very focused on excellence towards the client and the importance of communicating that externally. The first month was one of adaptation, a lot of self-education and soaking up in the attitude and culture of Inflection Point. However, the biggest challenge for me so far was the implementation of Google Analytics. 


I know, for those who have used this tool before reading this may sound like a piece of cake. But I really needed to acquire knowledge of Analytics in a short period of time, so I researched and read a little bit about it and discovered that there were certain courses I could take to be certified with Google. The options are endless, from tutorials on YouTube, online quizzes and agencies that offer Google Analytics certifications. However, the best option is Google Analytics Academy which is the official source of the certification and besides, it is completely free. 


To receive the certificate that accredits you as a Google Analytics user you have first to take a 4 lesson course offered by the platform, with a duration of about one hour per lesson. In this part, I took one lesson per day, since they also have exercises that you have to do to "pass" each lesson and a mini test, which will be a guide for the final exam. Considering this and the flexibility of the lessons, I could take notes, while putting in practice what I was learning from the tool. 


What I like most about this certification is that, although Google Analytics is a world of endless data, which may seem very complex at first, they make it very simple for the user. Throughout the course, there are videos, texts, exercises and reference links that serve as support to encourage you to take the exam as soon as possible. I scheduled my exam on the last day of the lessons right after finishing them so that the information was still fresh. I have to say that it was an excellent idea since I passed my certification satisfactorily. The exam consists of 70 questions that have to be answered in 90 minutes; the advantage of this, is that you can pause the exam for up to 48 hours before you have to take it again, so there is a flexibility to go back to your notes or retake the lessons if you need to pass successfully. You need to answer 56 questions correctly to get a score of 80. 


When I finished my certification, the first thing I did was to put my new skills in use to find out the metrics of the company’s website. As a Social Media Manager, not only do I serve as the curator of Inflection Point's social networks, but part of my job has been to revive this space so that more people can share their experiences within the blog. Through it, we have conceived more visits to the site and relationships with different companies. It is gratifying to see how the effort I have been making at Inflection Point Systems has been received positively, showing that in the last 6 months, the growth in visits has been exponential. 


I'm very happy to start outlining strategies that will go hand-in-hand; through the analysis of social media data, Google Analytics metrics and features, and the writing of more articles by company members and myself; I’m strongly convinced the company will have greater exposure to the outside world.

Hiram P.

Style enthusiast with a crush for black skinny jeans and pretty shoes. He loves reading fashion magazines, all things Snoopy and Tokyo is his dreamland.