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Automation: The new trend in the testers’ world.

The issue of automated testing in the world of QA is currently making a big impact. More and more companies are interested in automating their processes, consequently, reducing their production costs and even personnel costs.

The move to automation has been driven by the demands of the DevOps software development and implementation model, which emphasizes the use of script-based automation tools for software production, and requires full integration of testing into the continuous delivery chain.

Today we can see how, little by little, job vacancies are looking for candidates who have both skills (manual and automated). However, something very important to highlight is how the concept of "automation" has revolutionized the world of the manual tester.

Talking about automation being a completely manual tester is an imposing and sometimes scary concept; fear of the uncertainty of new technologies, new ways of working, and millions of questions like: “How do I learn to program?, Is it easy or difficult?, What happens if I find it difficult?” come to our mind. Learning is extremely easy, with the necessary tools and help. Nowadays there are different automation tools that are not difficult to use, some are easier or require less technical knowledge in terms of development than others, but above all many of them make the interaction with their elements quite simple.

Keeping our skills up to date is an absolute necessity in any line of work, and the software industry is certainly no exception. Constant learning is a way of life, we must study every day so we don't get left behind. I personally believe that it is time to lose the fear of learning technologies, of looking for new activities that imply new challenges in our daily lives and thus be able to see the world of growth possibilities that we have as automation testers.

Test automation is gaining momentum and will soon be the test of the future. The hard part is to get started, force yourself to take a test automation course, read about the different tools, do your research, talk to someone who is an expert and can advise you on where to start learning. And so when you least expect it, you will be interested in automation and its benefits.

Montserrat C.

Passionate to travel and learn about other cultures. She enjoys meeting new people around the world, new places and definitely she is a New York lover. Watch horror movies, Game of Thrones and listen to good music are one of her favorites things to do.