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Microsoft's commitment to sustainability

On January 16th, 2020, Microsoft presented the pathway to be carbon negative by 2030

The presentation was quite motivating to become part of the change in our personal lives. The announcement starts with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, recognizing that climate change environmental issues exist and if we don’t take action about them, the results will be devastating. He also mentions that everybody needs to take action to solve them, but  Microsoft as a global technology has a particular responsibility to do its part.


I agree with him, everybody has to do their part. However, as Greta Thunberg said in her TED talk in February 2019, about the disarming case to act right now on climate change.How can we expect countries like India or Nigeria to care about the climate crisis, if we who already have everything don’t care even a second about it?and that makes sense, doesn't it? Since developing countries are only focusing on solving their basic needs.


In this announcement, Microsoft made public in their commitment to sustainability, that by 2030 they will be carbon negative and they expect also to remove the carbon footprint they emitted since the Microsoft foundation, from 1957 to 2050. 


Microsoft's Pathway


In fact, the commitment scope is not only to do something about Microsoft’s carbon footprint but also deploy technology that helps its customers for all sectors reduce their own. This type of initiative gives us hope and inspires us to do our part too.


Starting 20 year ago, when Melinda and Bill Gates started their foundation where research and development of technologies is done to help to create a better world not only environmental but also in other areas such as energy, community, well being, education between others, Microsoft was doing a little bit of its part making money contribution, but it wasn’t a real commitment.  Now Microsoft Business area will participate actively and do its part.


For me, this is the Greta Thunberg effect of her activism, and I personally celebrate Microsoft’s decision with a hope it delivers those promises and inspires other companies to do so.


I leave here this video where, in a few words, Microsoft explains the plan to become a carbon negative.

Lyzett U.

Lyzett comes from Jojutla, Morelos and studied MSc Systems Engineering. She has been working for Inflection Point for more than 10 years. She has a lot of experience in Operations research, Process & Data Analyst and Information Security Management Systems (ISO27001). She loves hiking, running and photography. Her posts include some really cool pieces of advice.