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Meeting the IPS Recon Team!

Did you know that Inflection Point is ISO 27001 certified? This has been a great achievement for the company, as it improves client confidence in our services and information management by ensuring that their data is properly protected and can be accessed in a timely manner by authorized users.

Part of the requirements to achieve the certification mentioned above is to have a team that ensures compliance with the standard and also to follow up on the deviations found during the audits, which is very important since it is part of the cycle of continuous improvement that is required to have once certification is achieved, and it is from this need that the IPS RECON AUDIT TEAM arises.


The name of our team means RECOGNITION since our main function is to anticipate the risks and deviations that exist in our information security system and thus, add value to the company and in the future become the team that contributes to the assurance and systematic evaluation of internal control systems that the company adopts.



The IPS RECON AUDIT TEAM is currently composed by 3 members: Alfredo Martinez, Blanca Flores, and Karla Suarez, and is led by Lyzett Uribe; within their main responsibilities are to plan and execute internal audits needed to comply with the standard, plan and support the execution of certification audits and/or monitoring, support in the root cause analysis as well as the work plan to attack findings, monitoring and constant support in the follow-up of resolution of findings.


The collaboration and participation of each member of IPS are essential for our team since together we will manage to maintain the ISO 27001 certification and thus, reinforce the confidence of our clients.

Karla S.

Karla has a Computer Science degree, with more than 10 years of experience working in different areas, she started her career working as a SQL/Reporting developer, then shifted to Data Analytics and finally she focused her career on business analysis. She has a Financial master's degree as she finds this could be a very valuable complement to her career. Her favorite things in life are spending time with her family, family travels (mainly at the beach) and she really loves watching movies.