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Inflection Point’s Offsite 2020

As you all know, Inflection Point’s most memorable event is our annual Offsite. Given the current situation in our city, this event had to take on a different twist.


With the help of the Marketing department, HR joined forces and took head on this major challenge that was the organization of this grand event: our Offsite!


Ensuring all our safety and wellbeing we decided to organize a rally parade; the anticipation grew as the date approached and we couldn't wait to see our teammates! Members signed up and came along for the ride of this great and fun adventure.


With anticipation, the HR team set everything upon their arrival. In the comforts of our parking lot. We designed different stations that our peers passed through in their cars!


The first welcoming stage was our greetings and handing over kits that included an emblematic t-shirt, props, and the characteristic Offsite thermos. 


As the cars carried on, they faced a very exciting game “100 IPS Members said”. Such a fun way to bring back the most iconic memories with our friends.



Then, our peers faced a riddle, a hidden message that needed to be solved with a code that only the brave dared to complete. 

Que los únicos bordes que comemos en la vida son los de una pizza” (That the only edges that we eat in life are those of a pizza.“)


That gave away the final station that was PIZZA TIME! They were handed a DIY pizza kit! Happy memories should be accompanied by delicious food and family.


We know that these times are difficult and it brought us great joy to see our peers participate in this year’s Offsite. We appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement. We all stand united from home. 


Thanks a lot to the people who helped make this event possible and for those who came to be part of this amazing time!


Let's be safe and stay tuned for more of our events in times of a pandemic.

Cristina R.

Major in International Business working as a Talent Acquisition Analyst. Passionate bookworm, coffee lover and meditation enthusiast. She likes teamwork and innovation.