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Unity, the platform that unites everyone.

This piece will be an overview of one of the most innovative software for video game development on the market.

A quick dip into the environment of Unity was an unexpected surprise of how deep the tool is and the reach it has. From the beginning, the tool displays the possibility of customizing any action through a simple language in Visual Studio, giving the possibility to get the result for a determined action or information needed to be displayed in front of us.


Although coding is not one of my strengths, it is not difficult to understand and get familiarized with the language needed to start doing simple commands to even program behaviors from certain objects.


Unity is so flexible on its structure that it could work easily on a single person or a team developing together and it's not restricted to a single platform. In my experience, I work on Autodesk Maya to generate 3D objects and exporting assets to Unity it’s not complicated to any extent.


An interesting aspect of working with Unity for the first time is the knowledge it provides of how many things we see in games today work behind our screens. From something as basic as a countdown timer to even more complex actions to make an immersive experience closer to reality, the complexity may vary from project to project but it gives the freedom to make it as simple as desired or take it to another level depending on how far we want to go in each project, a simple puzzle or even a game where every action brings an unexpected outcome.


One of the most important things from Unity is that it gives the opportunity to everyone to make something new, something completely different, a game to educate, to have fun in our spare time or dig emotions we often forget we have.


Unity is a software that came to stay and we will see much more from Unity Technologies in the years to come.

Carlos V.