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Imposter Syndrome

I still remember my first job, how nervous I was when they assigned me to my first project. During that time I was comparing my work with the one of experienced colleagues and I started to have my doubts about it.

It was when I started asking for help, comparing the code that I wrote when I realized I wasn’t doing so bad as I thought. I almost fell victim to the Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is when you don’t feel capable enough to do a job, hence the feeling of being an imposter. In a dev job, it could be when you don’t feel sure enough using a new technology or implementing a new design pattern. It can happen in your professional and personal life.

Here are 3 short tips that can help you when you start to get that feeling:

  • 1- Talk with your peers
    Talking with them can help you ease that uneasiness that you can have. Exchange points of view with them, maybe it can help you figure out how to solve a problem that you have. Be honest and open about it.
  • 2- Don’t take yourself too seriously
    You are human, you don’t have to be perfect. If you are a developer, don’t think that you have to memorize. Don’t think that a mistake is the end of the world, while you’re still living, you’ll always have a second chance. Evaluate what you did wrong so you can do it better next time.
  • 3- Be proud of what you are doing
    That time when you have an epiphany or when your boss or colleague recognizes your work, be proud of that. It means you are doing a great job and it helps you build confidence.

I think there are other ways that can help you keep this bad feeling at bay because like stage fright, you have to know how to live with it, embrace it. If you are interested in the Imposter Syndrome you can find more information in the links below:

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I hope this was helpful to you.

Hernan F.

A gamer since kindergarten & Japanophile since his junior high days. A software engineer by day, game developer by night.