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Connecting Dots 2022

On January 28th we celebrated our strategic session "Connecting Dots", a space where all areas of the company share the most important achievements of the previous year through presentations, metrics, and graphs that allow us to know the growth and improvements of each department individually and how we will come together as a cohesive team towards the next areas of focus.


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In our annual virtual event, the most important question to answer is "Where are we heading?", and in order to consider through the information received the strategic objectives we have to take to meet the business goals, in this case, those of 2022. 


Leticia Barceinas, our QA AND TESTING leader and a passionate advocate of collaboration and synergy, walked us through the agenda and the topics we would see during the session and then passed the word to Gerardo Montemayor, Ramiro Castillo, and Lázaro Salinas, who gave us a warm welcome to the event.


Our first presentation was given by Lázaro Salinas, our VP OF OPERATIONS, who through information about the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of the company, shared with us the medium-term vision of the organization, which focuses on streamlining the collaborative model of automation, to provide a more effective service to our customers. This project envisions fewer errors, big visibility of projects, unsurpassed speed, and a greater range of predictability.


Leonor Miranda, our Director of PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, took charge of the second session presented at the event. In just 15 minutes she surprised the guests by showing us the growth and achievements of her team in terms of the services offered and the preservation of the Agile Culture across the company, how each of the initiatives that have been taken has had an impact on Inflection Point's corporate objectives, and the steps to follow in 2022. During this session, we observed how the BA's team has grown in number, we had the opportunity to dive into the knowledge they are acquiring, and we prepared ourselves by learning which industries employ BA roles in their companies, thus observing the trends that dictate the future of our great team.


To introduce us to the world of UI/UX, our MARKETING AND UI/UX Lead, Irasema Fernandez, explained how a division that was just being formed a few years ago, was consolidated in 2021. The importance of the UI/UX team within the organization is fundamental since it brings value and perspective not only to Inflection Point’s internal needs and initiatives, but also to our clients is a crucial piece at the time of closing deals with them, and a key player to establish, mature or improve their products going from the vision and UX through their entire branding.


Cybersecurity tools are everyone's responsibility within the enterprise. With a bright future, the first year of the Cybersecurity presentation showed that there are many interesting areas to explore and much to contribute. Armando Ramirez, our VP OF CYBERSECURITY, taught us about the global IT threats that are being carried out frequently, showed us how as a team, and with a series of well-executed plans, we can continue to educate our staff so that we do not fall into malicious practices such as phishing, and talked about the process, infrastructure and operational areas that are taken into account for each of the clients we work with.


Our INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY leader, Alberto Raya took the floor to present a series of advances made by the department during the previous year. Some of Inflection Point's population had a switch from desktop computers to laptops, which is considered an important improvement for all of us who are working from home. He also told us about other improvements the department is making, such as cloud governance, some program updates, and close collaboration with the cybersecurity area.


Lorena Garza, our INFORMATION SECURITY Lead, began by congratulating the team for winning the INFOSEC SECURITY AWARENESS AWARDS 2021 IMPACT, a recognition that endorses us as a company prepared to face the cybersecurity challenges of the future. In her presentation, Lorena guided us with numbers and graphs through how Security Awareness has impacted our organization. Last year, we had a significant improvement in our report rate, which means our colleagues are identifying phishing practices and reporting them correctly. Lorena also reminded us about our re-certification as an ISO 27001 company and paved the way for our next session.


For our next presentation, and after a short 15-minute break, Lyzett Uribe talked a bit about how the PROCESS area has grown and transformed since the implementation of ISO 27001, shared with the whole team the vision and achievements that RECON (our audit team) has had in these almost two years of being consolidated and finally, told us who has helped with these achievements.


When it comes to finances, Rosa Treviño is the expert on the subject. During the past year, the ADMINISTRATION team has grown considerably and has taken assertive steps towards agility and maturity. For example, an internal tool was implemented within the organization that uses tickets to measure the efforts that this team is making. It was impressive to see how this tool gives us a visualization of the work that each team member is doing and the undeniable growth of the administration team.


Before closing our round of talks, Judith Bracho our TALENT DEVELOPMENT lead told us a bit about our internal tool for live and self-paced learning: UpSkill, and how we can improve the employee experience in acquiring new skills and knowledge from the onboarding process to continuous career development within the organization thanks to it. In a couple of slides, we looked at what were the most requested materials during 2021 and what are the paths to take to continue guiding our employees on the learning path.


To close our time of talks, Alejandra Esquivel, leader of the HUMAN RESOURCES department, presented the increases in her department. Like the Finance and Administration areas, Human Resources launched its internal tool to measure requests made by the team and it was a great success. In just a few days, considerable requests were raised and are being dealt with quickly and efficiently. The number of requests is expected to increase this year, as well as the speed and response time. This is just an example of the many ways this team is seeking to improve processes, services and increase their agility and value delivery.


This year, and to conclude the event, we included a series of round tables on relevant topics to strengthen our culture in the face of the different challenges posed by the post-pandemic and remote work. In them, and divided into 6 different groups, we discussed topics such as fortifying our culture in the face of teleworking reality, the synchrony we have as a team, how we are aligning ourselves with the trends in the technology industry, how we can bolster our culture as a great place to work, and how we can optimize the way we do things. The initiatives resulting from that exercise will be shared with all teams in the future, with the support of senior and middle leadership to implement them.

Connecting Dots Values

We take pride in our culture and our core values, and we keep moving forward: 2022 is the year of Organizational Culture! 


Congratulations on an excellent 2021 and let's go for much more! Thanks to all our team members for making this event possible! #WeAreAreIPS


Connecting Dots Team

Here, are some of the faces that shared all the amazing accomplishments in the representation of the entire IPS community. Congratulations Team!


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Inflection Point is a leading software solutions company with more than 18 years of experience developing core technology, digital, enterprise, and cybersecurity solutions. It is a top-ranked company by the Great Place to Work Institute for the last 11 years, Inc5000, Best Working Mother Mexico and for the past two years, it has been named as a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Maryland. Headquartered close to Washington DC and with extensive experience working with companies in the US, Europe, and Latin America in the Financial, Healthcare, Education, Security, High Tech, and Hospitality industries, its multidisciplinary team of business analysts, consultants, designers, testers and software developers helps companies accelerate their innovation and grow their business.