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Memories of 2021: 3rd Annual Product BA Team Event 2021 | Time to reconnect!

2021 just vanished but we could not let go of the good times we had! Last year, at the end of November, we got together to attend the Annual Product BA Team Event - this is the third year in a row this event is celebrated, and not even Covid could stop it!

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The event took place via zoom during the afternoon, but the surprises started earlier that day when we received some delicious muffins that we could enjoy during the meeting accompanied with a good coffee, tea, juice, or any other beverage of our choice.

As we could see new faces around and since this social distance does not allow face-to-face meetings yet, we had fun playing the game Guess Who?; we joined the game in Kahoot! where we answered questions to guess the identity of a person and the questions were based mainly on fun facts; it was very entertaining and I can say I learned a little bit more about my colleagues and I'm sure they learned one crazy thing about me as well!

BA Team Event
Here, some of us are having a ‘say cheese’ moment!

After playing the game and enjoying the delightful muffins, we were informed about the 2021 Highlights of the Product BA Team led by Leonor Miranda, the Director of Product Management, and the 2022 Trends of the market towards three main categories: Power Skills, Tactical Skills, and Technical Skills. We could see that, despite the challenges faced during this pandemic, the Product BA team has had an excellent performance increasing its presence in the company with new client opportunities, representing an interesting growth for last year, and this has helped to also aggrandize the percentage of BAs assignments during 2021.

Another important highlight is that the Product Management area keeps working hard to encourage the Agile culture within the company and the percentage of Professional Growth Objectives that the team has set related to these initiatives increased in 2021, getting near to a 25% of goals aligned to the Agile Transformation.

For 2022 more things are about to come: it is expected to expand the Product BA team in about 5 to 10 positions just at the beginning of the year and we are also developing new capabilities to be part of new business opportunities within Cybersecurity and Data Science.

Finally, after all the important updates and news, a special guest joined the meeting! Hugo Cardenas, with a very “unique Netflix way”, introduced us to the grand finale of the event: the MVPs 2021 Awards! That year the contest was divided into 5 categories: Problem Solver, Effective Communicator, Agile Superhero, Team Builder, and Valuable Contributor. The winners were recognized for adding value through achieving good results and providing constant contributions to the team in each of the 5 categories.

To finish the event Ramiro Castillo our CTO and VP of Engineering, as well as Leticia Barceinas our QA Director, congratulated the entire team on a well-done job during the year and for all the efforts we had put into this successful and great time that turned out into tangible achievements for Inflection Point. I’m sure more challenges and accomplishments are about to come for 2022 and we’re ready for them!

I’m proud to be part of this team! and, as the quote used in the closure of the event reads: “The strength of a team is each member; the strength of each member is the team” – Phil Jackson


Karla S.

Karla has a Computer Science degree, with more than 10 years of experience working in different areas, she started her career working as a SQL/Reporting developer, then shifted to Data Analytics and finally she focused her career on business analysis. She has a Financial master's degree as she finds this could be a very valuable complement to her career. Her favorite things in life are spending time with her family, family travels (mainly at the beach) and she really loves watching movies.