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Living the IPS experience: SDET Academy and Onboarding

It has been almost two months since I made one of the most important decisions in my life: becoming part of the Inflection Point System’s family. I can not lie, this decision was not difficult at all. It just took me a few minutes to do some research and see that I was going to make the right choice. The first thing I noticed is that Inflection Point is currently certified as a “Great Place to Work” and every testimonial of any collaborator confirms this. After 2 months of working here, I can now surely state this certification is more than well deserved.

The beginning

Since the first interviews, I felt comfortable. All the recruiting process was made easy for me thanks to all the personnel involved. It made me feel like I was already a part of the IPS family. I think it could not have been any easier or better. Once I was accepted into this family, I received all the necessary equipment to work in an orderly manner and on time. Everything they told in the interviews quickly became true. At this point, I was more than excited to start this journey.

Even though I was new in the company, I felt confident and comfortable. Every single peer I have been in touch with made me feel like an old friend. This made the transition easy in every way.

The SDET Academy

SDET Academy

A couple of days after my first day, I started the SDET (Software Developer Engineer in Test) academy with five peers. Even though we were the first generation of SDET, from the very first day we had a calendar telling us all the schedule for every day of the seven weeks the academy lasted. It was a bit overwhelming to see all the classes and courses we would go through, but every instructor was more than happy to help us at every step of the academy. Seeing the calendar, the preparation of the courses, and the different topics only proved how well prepared was not only the full academy but each one of the instructors and participants in the academy.

Talking more about the instructors, I could not imagine any better team to learn from. It was incredible to be able to learn from such an experienced and professional team. Every single instructor we had offered us support for any question or problem we had, and more than once they patiently helped all of us. Even though some of the courses were complex  (at least for me), like Performance Testing or Testing Automation, each one of the instructors managed to make the courses as understandable and easy as possible. I loved being part of this experience because of these reasons.

The closure

Seven weeks can sound like a lot of time, but it was not. I did not realize it was the end until the last day came. Once on the last day, we had a nice closure in which to my surprise I was selected as MVP along with my peer Jose Ricardo Campos. I could not be any happier for this incredible recognition.

Luis Flores SDET

I believe I could not have found any better place to work than here at Inflection Point. It is incredible to be a part of such an incredible company that I finally feel comfortable and happy. A company focused not only on offering their employees what they need to be able to grow but cares about you and your family. Receiving the recognition of MVP made me realize, once again, why this company is a Great Place to Work. It is important to keep in mind that we are more than workers. These simple recognitions can mean more than someone can ever imagine. I am proud and happy of being part of this big family called Inflection Point Systems.

Luis F.

Music lover with an extreme passion for creating and designing things on his own, from code to guitars. Developer since 2020 with experience in CRMs. He loves to spend time playing guitar; and with his family, his friends, and his dogs.