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Father's Day at Inflection Point: a day to celebrate superheroes.

Father's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the most important man in our lives. It is a day to show how grateful we are to them and for all the teachings they have left us over the years. Today we want to remember our fathers, and all the memories we cherish.

Our peers opened their hearts to share stories that fill us with unconditional love:


Jose Carlos Cantu 

"May you do not miss my presence at home this Father's Day; may you live every moment and strengthen your marriage as the example of a couple that you are for many. I hope God grants you peace and joy in every instant and that the family grows soon to celebrate both of you this day. 🤞🏻"

José Garza, Software Engineer


Erika Hernandez 

"Thank you dad for always being by my side, for taking care of me and protecting me, for lulling me to sleep endless nights as a baby, for helping me with my homework and projects as a child, and for all those years of taking me to school and even as an adult, to work. Thank you for your love and above all, thank you for the values of patience, honesty, loyalty and so many others that you have taught me through your example, you are the best husband and father, and thank you for always being there for us, we are proud of you and we love you."

– Erika Hernández, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. 


 Hiram Pinto

"Thank you, Dad, for being my guide and accompanying me in all my adventures. You are a very special, unique being and on this day I would love to celebrate you and remind you how much I love you. Thank you for always being by my side." 

Hiram Pinto, Content and Media Specialist


Claudia Becerra 

"My daughters couldn't have had a better dad! We love him!"

– Claudia Becerra, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. 


Carolina Pimentel 

"You are my pride and my joy."

– Carolina Pimentel, Talent Acquisition Analyst. 


Lorena Garza 

"My dad has always been my superhero, there is nothing in this world he won’t do for us. Everything I am I owe to my dad’s support and encouragement. I wish every little girl the joy of having a daddy like mine. 💖 Happy father’s day daddy! Love youuu."

– Lorena Garza, Information Security Lead.


 Carrolina Parra

"I owe much of what I am to you. Thank you for always being my unconditional support. Vale and I are very fortunate to have the best dad in the world."

– Carolina Parra, HR Analyst. 


Omar Flores 

"Family and friends go first, work can wait and have fun when you can."

– Omar Flores, Graphic Design Analyst.


Javier Blanco 

"This story is short, but it is a memory that I will never forget. Once I stayed at night doing a technical drawing assignment, I was frustrated because I had to make angles and in my desperation, I dirtied the sheets or ran the ink. My dad was a photographer at a local newspaper, so often worked late, I remember it was 4 am and my dad arrived and saw me in tears and left his camera on the table, without saying words, he hugged me and began to finish the task with me. I will always remember that gesture and the love he transmitted to me."

– Javier Blanco, Web Designer. 


 Ivett Hernandez

"My dad is like my hero, my first love when I was little, despite all the processes we have gone through, I will always keep seeing him the same and say I love you every day. Thank you for everything dad God Bless you. Happy day 🙌🙏❤"

– Ivett Hernández, Account Analyst.

Hiram P.

Style enthusiast with a crush for black skinny jeans and pretty shoes. He loves reading fashion magazines, all things Snoopy and Tokyo is his dreamland.