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The Inflection Point's SDET Academy Experience

I can legitimately say that everything that has happened in the last few weeks, has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life; to think that an academy would be so interesting, a space for sharing ideas with my coworkers, collaborating, and working with each other to push ourselves further; and overall just growing as professionals in almost 2 months is incredible to me.

As a little bit of background, I was reached out by Inflection Point Systems to enter the SDET Academy, in which they train you with very skilled and talented people, putting them to the test after your initial training is over. 


SDET Academy


Every instructor, professional, guide, and assistant that participated in turning this academy into a real thing should be proud of themselves, for helping make something so passionately driven and well-structured.


The idea


With a project like this, we all could think, Well, this just sounds like employee training at its core, but it is so much more than this. This academy is an intense training process that not only does it help you gather the skills to enter the competitive market we have today, but also fortifies your current skills and talents so you can use them as means to actively learn and learn more.


The execution


From the start, I had a good idea of how things would go, and I wasn’t very far off how it went. There were times in which workloads were heavy and time-consuming, while in other periods, things were smooth and pretty straightforward.


SDET Academy


The overall schedule went like this: Daily and in-class activities, along with some off-work assignments to help refresh that newly gathered knowledge. Every instructor was friendly, helpful, and very engaging; they all seemed well prepared for this, and everyone felt like they could speak up for any questions they had, expecting an answer. Not many academies or institutions ever provide that sense of security when it comes to answering any possible questions regarding a specific topic.


My thoughts


Overall, this was a pretty amazing learning experience. I appreciated the effort from every single one of our instructors and every ounce of work they put into the project. I am deeply grateful for how they approached us, being understanding, thoughtful, and very much engaging with us on whatever we needed. I also appreciate everything they did for us, even during their busy times, they still tried their best to help us out.


Inflection Point has demonstrated love and care for their employees, truly a Great Place To Work and settle as a professional.

Ricardo C.

I'm just a guy with a massive passion for content creation, including animations, music, art and design, video editing, etc. I aid those who show care and respect for others, as I do my friends, my family, and my coworkers, everyone around me who has supported me, I show love and respect. I love going out with my friends, and sharing wonderful moments together, having a good time is all I really ever look up to with them, as for my personal goals, I want to be the best person I can be, professionally and personally speaking, so I can help others who can't help themselves.