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Mother's Day at Inflection Point: messages from the heart

Mother's Day is the perfect day to enjoy the company of one of the most important women in our lives. In addition to giving us their love at all stages of our lives, mothers provide us with advice that more than once and a thousand times have gotten us out of a tight spot. That's why their day is the ideal occasion to show them how much we love them and how grateful we are for all their care either by letter, recitation, or through this blog post!


Here are some of the best advice and moments from our collaborators with their moms.


Erika Ibarra

“Are you fighting? Everyone takes a broom and sweeps the yard".  That’s the solution to all sibling quarrels. :D

– Erika Ibarra, Business Analyst. 


Erika Hernández

“Thank you, mommy, for giving me life and being my best guide in it, since I was a child, and even today, being a woman, I always turn to you. Thank you for leading by example and instilling your values in me. Thank you for all your teachings, your wise advice, for the scolding and laughter, for your infinite love, and above all thank God for choosing me the best mom. What a joy to be your daughter, I love you forever.”

– Erika Hernández, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. 


Jesica Salinas

“Despite the problems or complications that arise in life, we must always look at the positive side of things.”

– Jesica Salinas, HR Analyst. 


Yolanda Fernández

“One of the best experiences I have with my mom is traveling together, enjoying together the waves at the beach as we sing our favorite songs! Also, she is my best friend and we talk about everything. She is so fun, wise and gives the best advice! I love you, mom.”

– Yolanda Fernández, Marketing Lead. 


Hiram Pinto

"Thank you Mom for being my best friend, my confidant, my greatest inspiration, and my first love. Everything I know is because of you, and I thank God for giving me your presence in my life. I hope we can enjoy each other for many more years and share all the moments we still have to live. I love you."

– Hiram Pinto, Content and Media Specialist. 



"What can I say about my mom... my best friend and cheerleader #1. The first person I want to share my successes with and the best comfort in any situation that I cruelly consider failure. You can't imagine (or I hope you can) how lucky I feel to have her as a mom. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY <3"

– Lorena Garza, Information Security Lead.


Lyzett Uribe

"My mother has let me grow, learn and live with my own ideas. That day I was embarking on a dream that I did not necessarily agree with, but she never cut my wings and despite the sadness of seeing me leave for a faraway place, she let me be. Thanks for everything mom!"

– Lyzett Uribe, Principal of Process Engineering. 


José Carlos Garza

"I hope that this mother's day, that wish you had for me to keep the shine and good spirit in my recent marriage, is as beautiful as the shine in your eyes when you burst out laughing or when you hold back tears in happy moments. Keep being happy in fullness!"

– José Garza, Software Engineer.


Alejandra Arias

"My mother is my heroine;

A resilient woman, from Tampico and later baptized as 'Chilanga', who in search of fulfilling a dream, came to Mexico City to educate generation after generation of young children, whom I have seen become wonderful adults and professionals.

My mother knew love at the age of 23, the same love that 2 and 4 years later gave us life. My sister and I were very fortunate to have her care and love, always well handled with her professionalism, that taught me a lot about life, "you can do it all".

At my 8, she was left with the responsibility of being the sole pillar of our house, providing me and my sister with a home, food, and also training, answering doubts, and patience. 

She gave us so many tools, we were a pair of rebellious daughters, questioning the events around us, clinging to our dreams and our ways of life. 

I had to share my mom for years with little human beings who were her students, many of them still remember her with love and respect (I hope), but that is something that makes me more proud of her. 

She taught me constancy, and strength, she showed me what it was to love unselfishly (which now is not so good for me LOL) and to give the best of myself, she also taught me to defend myself and to understand myself as an individual. 

Good thing I got this mommy, good thing I have the fortune to hug her and tell her how much I love her. Happy day!!!"

– Alejandra Arias, Talent Acquisition Analyst. 


Ivett Hernandez

"Proverbs 31:29
'Many women have done good, but you surpass them all.'
I love you mom you are the best thing in my life, God Bless you always and give you long life to continue loving us."

– Ivett Hernández, Account Analyst.

Hiram P.

Style enthusiast with a crush for black skinny jeans and pretty shoes. He loves reading fashion magazines, all things Snoopy and Tokyo is his dreamland.