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Let's take care of the environment!

We as living beings have to learn and reflect on this issue since the Earth is our home and as responsible people, we must take care of it and protect it. It will be the future of our children.

What is environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution refers to all components, such as physical, chemical, or biological, that harm living beings, causing damage to the health, well-being, and habitat in general of all animals and plants. Polluting agents can be chemical substances (pesticides, herbicides, cyanide, etc.), oil, radiation, polluting gases, and urban waste, among other things.

In general, this can strongly alter all ecosystems and unfortunately, the main reason causing this imbalance is the fact that there are human activities related to industry, mining, agriculture, commerce, and exploitation of natural resources, and others, harming the environment.

This phenomenon affects the health of human populations as well as the balance of planet.

Do you know what the main causes of environmental pollution are?

  • Emissions of polluting gases.

  • The production of waste

  • Slashing and burning of forests

  • Exploitation of natural resources

  • Mining

  • The agriculture

  • Commerce

  • Oil exploitation

The consequences of environmental pollution can be catastrophic: from alterations in ecosystems, which directly affect the living conditions of animals and plants, to consequences in people’s health; from the extinction of species, to global warming.

Something that we must consider related to the IT industry, is that unfortunately the excessive manufacture of devices and the increase in electrical energy consumption, to give a few examples, have impacts on environmental pollution.

Not only the living conditions of living beings are being compromised, but also that of ourselves. Let's stop consuming, let's start creating awareness.

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