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Front End Developer


Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

As a Front End Developer you will be supporting the process of the production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s user interface and serve as a liaison to the designers and backend developers. You must have experience using semantic mark-up languages like XHTML/CSS to turn static Photoshop designs into working browser based web pages. You will work closely with server-side developers to develop complex, interactive and database driven websites.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent coursework.

  • Minimum of 5 years of proven experience as a Front End Developer.

  • Excellent HTML5/XHTML, CSS2.1/CSS3 programming skills.

  • Coding valid XHTML and CSS mark-up.

  • Knowledge in modern Javascript Frameworks (Angular and React).

  • Experience with JQuery.

  • Knowledge of TypeScript.

  • Experience integrating with server-side code to produce dynamic pages.

  • Expertise working with version control systems such as Git.

  • Proficiency working with CSS Pre-processors (LESS / Saas).

  • Background developing server side solutions using node JS (APIs, server side JavaScript) is a plus.

  • Knowledge of web application’s ergonomics, UX and Usability.

  • Knowledge of persistent state containers like Redux or React Context is a plus.

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