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Talent Fulfillment Specialist

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

As a Talent Fulfillment Specialist you will be responsible for identifying and proposing the right people from the resource pool in open roles at our client projects. You must develop an understanding of our resource pool career’s development goals and preferences while also monitoring availability and productivity. In the Talent Fulfillment Specialist role you will be in daily contact with business leads, project managers and HR team.

Preferred Profile:

  • 5 years in the IT industry

  • Good understanding of Staffing as a function

  • Good understanding of IT processes and key roles

  • Experience following staffing processes and adopting new tools in daily operations

  • Experience providing timely reports and basic info to all stakeholders

  • Knowledge in Data Analysis tools

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. English as a second language


  • Point of contact and collaboration among company's managers (CEO/VP/COO) to perform quality staffing 

  • Support of current and new employees in the assignment process by understanding their needs, preferences, technical and soft skills, etc. performing smart staffing to roles accordingly

  • Propose staffing options to project assignment needs that align with skills, professional goals, and/or staffing preferences

  • Work with career counselors on coaching employees to provide guidance on capacity gaps/needs. 

  • Managing and tracking of people’s productivity metrics such as chargeability, bench staff, as well as average time to fill demands for their respective resource pool

  • Provide weekly/month metrics to the team, highlighting key issues

  • Constant communication with Account Managers in the organization for awareness on changes in organization headcount such as ramp-ups/ramp-downs, new projects kick-off, etc.

  • Leading staffing initiatives for special projects

  • Maintain a bench of freelancers to help manage demand peaks and ad-hoc expert input

  • Liaison between team leads to identify causes of over/under utilization and proposal of solutions

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