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GPTW 11 years
Inc 5000

Meet the team

Inflection Point

Blanca F.

Administration Analyst

Loves hiking, skating and cats

Diana S

Diana S.

Business Analyst

Loves spending time with their family and watching movies.


Hugo C.

Software Engineer

Listens to Iron Maiden and Lord of the Rings fan

Gerardo M

Gerardo M.


Runner, avid literature and history reader


Irasema F.

Marketing Lead

Boxer and HTGAWM fan, what a combo!


Lazaro S.

VP of Operations

Avid reader, America soccer team fan


Guillermo C.

Director of Engineering

NFL follower and Lego master designer

Fernando C

Fernando C.

QA Engineer

House of Cards and The Walking Dead follower


Ramiro C.

CTO & VP of Engineering

Sports and outdoor enthusiast, likes solving real life problems using technology


Lorena G.

Business Analyst

Enjoys spending time with her dog, practicing yoga, sudokus, and netflix binging.


Eduardo M.

Director of Engineering

Tennis player

Inflection Point

Anabel R.

Web Designer

Creative, fun to be around and dog lover!

Inflection Point Blogger

Carlos M.


Skiing fan, loves Roman history and traveling around the World

Lety B

Leticia B.

Director of QA & Testing

Loves running and Celine Dion's music


Sergio S.

Software Engineer

Software developer, movie fan and outdoor enthusiast.

Raul Aguilera

Raul A.

Technical Lead

The Beatles fan and guitar player.

Gerardo G

Gerardo G.

Director of Engineering

Amateur photographer, interested in science and electronics

Jorge E

Jorge E.

Business Analyst

Likes comic book reading and home improvement activities.




"Inflection Point has been able to come up to speed very quickly on our projects. I have been very impressed by the caliber, focus and dedication of the Inflection Point engineers."

VP of Engineering, Sugarsync.



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